Back to Marketing Basics


Back to Marketing Basics

As companies continue to face new changes and challenges, it's an excellent time to get back to marketing basics. While it may sound counterintuitive, it's essential to think of this year as an opportunity to reevaluate the things your business should have been doing all along. We often get so caught up solving everyday issues that we forget about important marketing tasks we shouldn't neglect.

Here are eight marketing tasks you should always stay on top of:

1. Clean up your customer lists: Making sure your customer list is current will help you make better marketing decisions. Keeping all your contacts organized, and updates can give you insightful data you can use to make strategic decisions, understand your audience better, and create more targeted campaigns.

2. Regularly post on social media: While sometimes it may seem like no everyone cares about what you post on social media, it matters a lot. Consumer behavior has changed in the past five years, and believe it or not, most people will check to see if your company is legitimate by visiting your social media channels. If the last time you shared something was 2018, chances are those potential clients look to take their business somewhere else. Keeping up with your social media always pays off, especially if you invest enough time learning what your audience wants to see.

3. Reply to your online reviews. Listening to your customers should always be a priority for any company; after all, this is how we can find areas of improvement. However, when it comes to the digital world, it is not only necessary to listen; you also need to reply. Keeping a good online reputation shows customers you care. This is why it's crucial to answer every single review, not only the negative ones but also the positive ones.

4. Nurture your existing clients. It's been discussed by marketers over the years, and it still holds true "attracting new clients is five times more expensive than nurturing existing ones." Businesses often get so caught up trying to get new leads and new clients; they forget their loyal clients are their best allies. Not only are they likely to purchase more from you, but they will also be the ones who refer other people to you. Make sure you are constantly reminding people you are grateful for their business and make them feel special.

5. Keep your website up to date. If you don't have a website updated calendar, we highly recommend starting one. While you may not have updates every month, you should make sure the website is getting a few adjustments every quarter. It could be simple things such as refreshing your home page images or updating your blog and news section. Your website is your company's presentation card, and you want to make sure everything is working and showcasing your brand in the best light.

6.  Don't underestimate the effectiveness of multi-channel marketing campaigns. The only way to reach clients in their buyer's journey is with a multi-channel approach. How many channels does your company use to reach its customers, and more importantly, how many of them are giving you the results you want?  While it may seem like you don't have time to review metrics, it's critical to review the results you get from each marketing channel to ensure you are getting the most out of your budget and time invested. If you are still struggling to find the right combination of strategies, a company like KKP can help guide you in this process.

While all of these are not new ideas, and you are probably already doing most of them, each one is important. Keeping up with all these tasks is not easy, but they all position your business for success and give you a competitive advantage. If you need an extra hand to help you manage these marketing fundaments or would like more information, contact us

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