Print and Digital Working Together


Print and Digital Working Together

Advertising. There are so many ways that you can advertise your business that it can become overwhelming when you have to pick and choose a few strategies to focus on in order to reach your target audience. Whether you are pursuing digital marketing or print marketing, you have one common goal; to ensure that your advertisements are seen. There used to be a time when print materials bombarded our mailboxes and offices, making it difficult to stand out. Digital marketing became more popular because companies could create company pages, online ads and connect with users who are constantly checking up on their social media accounts. Now, the web is filled with noise and it is becoming even more difficult to stand out online. It is imperative for marketers to find the value both in print and digital marketing and use both to help their business succeed.  

Print is Tangible

In several of our previous blogs, we have highlighted the benefits of using print materials. The biggest benefit is that its tangible and it will remain with us until we discard them, or until a company decides to feature new designs, posters, signs or billboards. We have all received brochures in the mail, direct mail or letters from companies. We look at them and either visit their website for more information or throw it in a pile on the kitchen table. At a later date, we revisit the brochures and information that we have received and then choose to act on it. If we have tossed the mail into the recycling bin, we are still able to recall the company and its services, as we were able to hold their information in our own hands. Digital advertisements are an excellent way for businesses to showcase their brand but what happens when the advertisement no longer runs?  Recall is more difficult with digital media than with print media because of the tangible touch aspect to print. This is why you need to use both print and digital marketing in your advertising strategy. 

Stand Out

With social media, timelines or news feeds were developed to show new content each time a user logs onto their social media platform. This is what’s so lovable about these sites – anyone can log on and be presented with fresh, new content and updates that they’ll see in real time. Print materials, however, can keep your company top of mind as consumers have a physical ad from your company that they can look at any time. Social media is an excellent way to reach additional customers and expand reach, but it takes time and effort to stand out above the social noise.

Digital marketing strategies have changed how customers view products, services and contact companies. It has allowed businesses to expand and reach people all over the world, to gain brand exposure and build brand equity. Print marketing, however, is a great way to catch people’s attention and stand out from other businesses. Remember, don’t underestimate the power of print materials. 

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