Print Materials Establish Brand Equity


You have created and designed a great name and logo for your company but you are still having difficulty building brand equity through all the marketing initiatives of your brand. You would like your marketing materials to stand out, allowing customers near and far to remember who you are and the products and services offered, but how can this be achieved? Brand equity is becoming even more important in the world of business and it’s time to take a closer look at how your marketing materials can better achieve your brand building goals. 

Review how other businesses market their products and services. Notice any similarities? Whether it be through billboards, newspaper ads, television commercials, brochures, manuals, etc. all advertisements utilize corporate colours, logos, slogans, and font styles to portray the message of the company. Several companies have focused their advertising efforts specifically on brand identity itself, as all marketing materials are stylized the same way until consumers are able to recognize a company based on their logo, slogan or brand colour.

For example, Coca Cola recently created the “Share a Coke” campaign, designed to encourage people to share the drink with friends and family. Instead of printing their logo on their cans, they printed people’s names. When customers entered stores to pick up a can of Coca Cola, they still knew what they were purchasing even though the can read, “Mom” instead of “Coke”. This is the power of brand equity!  Even though your company isn’t Coca Cola, nor likely have their advertising budgets, you can use print advertising to portray your brand’s image. Keep in mind that consistency is key – utilizing your business’s logos, colours and fonts will help your customers remember your company and the products / services that you provide.

Printed materials remain a crucial way to advertise to customers. Printed materials are a tangible form of communication, and can have a greater impact on consumers because they can touch and feel the company.  By handling a print piece, customers can remember a brand far longer than if they viewed it through other mediums. For example, if you watch a company’s 20 second commercial on TV you may not remember every detail from it. If you receive a brochure in the mail from the same company, you may spend more time getting to know the business as the printed material is directly in front of you and it is tangible.

There are several ways that your company can establish brand equity. Be sure to include your company’s branding on company newsletters, office supplies, brochures and so forth. A pen, branded with your company’s logo, can catch people’s attention for days, week or even months after they visited a store or learned more about the business. This year, review your branded materials and create a marketing plan to establish your company’s brand equity today.

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