Free COVID-19 Printable Resources for Canadian Businesses


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At the beginning of this pandemic, we all hoped the social distancing guidelines would not be in effect at the end of the year. However, with the current news about the rise in cases worldwide, health and safety regulations are more important than ever.

As businesses work to stay open and offer their services to the public, the need for social distancing and safety signage continues to increase.

At KKP, we are committed to helping local businesses get the print, mail, and marketing resources they need. We have gathered a list of free printable resources many can use:

The Government of Canada’s official website offers a series of printable resources in multiple languages to assist businesses. These resources include:

·       Click here for additional print and electronic resources.

The BC Centre for Disease Control offers multiple pre-made signage and posters specific for healthcare settings that can be adapted for other types of businesses.

·       Hand Hygiene Coronavirus COVID-19 Infographic.

·       Physical distancing in progress Graphic.

·       Click here for other additional resources.

The Toronto Canada website is also offering printable COVID-19 Posters and Graphics to help businesses across the city stay safe during the pandemic. Click here to view the available resources in the following categories:

  • Protect Yourself & Others.
  • Physical Distancing.
  • Face Masks & Coverings.
  • Screening Posters & Checklists.

If you need help getting any of these resources printed or if you need a custom solution for your business, contact your local KKP. We can accommodate all types of requests and assist you with any other business challenges you may be facing.

Health and safety printed materials are playing a crucial role in 2020 as businesses navigate the challenges this pandemic is presenting. At KKP, we are committed to helping local businesses produce all the materials they need to keep their customers and employee’s safe at their location. 

As your local, one-stop resource you can count on KKP for a lot more than affordable printing services. Our team can help your business navigate these challenging times by providing unique marketing, mailing, promotional, and signage solutions.

To learn more about other custom safety signage and solutions KKP Canada offers, click here.

Fast. Local. Personal. For over 35 years, KKP has been supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality print, design, and sign services as well as marketing assistance to Canadian businesses. For expert assistance, attentive service, and affordable prices, contact us today!

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